Top 11 Writing Careers that can earn you a fancy income

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If you love reading and writing wishing to excel in some of the writing careers, you might sometimes have heard that a successful writer needs tons of luck and talent. While some may not take writing as a realistic career option, they start perpetuating the same demotivating others. Unfortunately, some people still believe it.

The best thing about being a writer is their love for words and the gratification while putting the words on paper. Since you love writing, it can be an excellent choice to thrive.

Choosing writing as a career is fantastic if you know your area of work. I’ve listed the top 11 writing careers that can earn you a handsome settlement.

Is writing a good career choice?

Thinking of a professional writer, the scenario of a person with piled-up books in the background, working on the draft for some story, researching several books, and convincing an editor of a publishing house that the world should listen to his story. This scenario is straightforward, where the writer is trying to earn some pennies for paying his bills or someone who had become a household name.

But in reality, the writing careers are a bit more flexible and a lucrative choice. I never meant interviews on TV or huge book deals. In most cases. you can shape yourself into a writer of almost anything. All it takes is a critical thought to figure out exactly how and what it takes to find a handsome paying job.

Career path in Writing

Every person differs in their choices of work while building a career in writing. Ultimately, everything you do as a writer depends on what you want to achieve.

A novelist works on their crafts – editing and updating their work while searching for agents and book publishers. A content marketer owns a blog (Check some blogging platforms) trying to get published in small publications for collecting bylines and then step up their way to larger publications or blogs. A journalist may work as an intern at a news firm and climb up to a media outlet.

The writing career isn’t a straight one. Some writers hold on to getting huge paychecks while getting recognition for their works. Other writers work as freelancers who get variable incomes every month. Sometimes the same writer might get a free ride into some international news-press.

Again, all it takes is a strong determination and passion for the job to move on from these kinds of lows to build a strong career in writing.

Top 11 Writing Careers that can earn you a handsome package

Writing has a career in a lot of ways. I’ll explain a few that I found helpful for today’s writers to earn a good income.

Proposal Writer
A proposal writer is someone who creates documents to influence others to make an investment or to support a business or an idea.
This kind of job requires researching abilities and organizational skills while a persuasive writing ability is compulsory.
Average Income: $65000

A translator needs to translate the given content from one language to another language. It needs an ability to write and speak in a different language and make a choice when there is no possibility of direct translation.
Average Income: $68000

Social media manager
The SMM creates content ranging from Linkedin posts to Instagram captions to Facebook posts or for clients or companies.
It requires a sense of engagement through content, social friendliness, and the talent to capture current events. Learn the role of marketing in business growth.
Average Income: $60000

Content Strategist
Planning and execution of strategies using content to meet business targets.
It requires an understanding of business and its potential customers.
Average Income: $76000

Ghost Writer
A ghostwriter is someone who creates content for various websites and individuals but can never have a byline. The content will be posted with someone’s bylines.
It needs the ability to create or write content for publication or another person that adheres to the given styles.
Average Income: $65000

Medical Writer
A medical writer creates content for publications with a medical-centered focus. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, or government organizations take up this kind of content.
This job potentially requires a deep understanding of medical terms and needs to communicate topics to an average person. To work in this kind of firm, the writer needs to have some experience or a degree in the respective field.
Average Income: $120000

An editor works with other writers to improve their content and make it ready for publishing.
This kind of job needs the ability to streamline the content both at the sentence and at high levels.
Average Income: $65000

Technical Writer
The technical writer creates documents that are instruction manuals and how-to guidelines.
This kind of writing style requires paying attention to details and simplifying any given complex data.
9 Technical Writing skills that are necessary for every writer
Average Income: $78000

A copywriter writes language which ranges from small sentences to large paragraphs. The content is meant to explain a service or sell a product.
It simply needs an understanding of customer behavior.
Average Income: $55000

Content Writer
A content writer specifically writes for websites and businesses which include ebooks, white papers, and blog posts.
It needs a knowledge of SEO and writing persuasively.
Average Income: $80000

Speech Writer
A speech writer writes dialogues or speeches that need to be delivered by some speaker. The speaker can be anyone from an executive at a company to a leader.
It needs talents to write for communication that is intended for the masses.
Average Income: $65000

If your passion is writing, you always have options to make a career out of it. It doesn’t necessarily need to compromise on your living standards. Like all difficult things worth the effort, the key is patience.

  • June 26, 2022
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