Stories from Hinduism – Belief and Truth

Our Belief and The Truth

Even in the age of Sophia, the first Artificial Intelligence; science hasn’t fully grown up to answer every riddle it faces. There are some aspects that only Belief and God can answer or maybe science needs some more time to do that. According to some teachings of Hinduism, most people believe in God or fear Him. Some come up with a new definition of the term GOD. Either way, as taught by our ancestors God resides in the spirituality and lifestyle that we endure and live in.

Some theories depict God as an Act of Living & Source of life. And in the modern age, we lack the understanding of our own ancestral knowledge and cultural heritage. This is the reason for the downfall of Hinduism. (Read more)

Everything in this universe has two different sides to note. Every Good has some Bad in it, and every Bad has some Good in it – As stated by the Chinese Yin-Yan. God gave us a happy and easy life and Evil added mysteries and obstacles to it. This is what we were said to believe since our childhood. But. . . ask yourself, is it the real truth? What is the other side of the coin of which we were said stories about, for ages?

Hinduism and the two faces of life

God portrays good and evil portraits of bad. Actually, the two entities are the two faces of the same energy which act according to the karma of a human being. If the Almighty had created God and Evil, he might have destroyed evil when it is bad. But it still exists. Why? Any guess??? The answer is Evil isn’t bad, it is made to make people believe in God and follow the righteous path. And by the oldest religion on the face of the earth i.e., Hinduism, it is termed Asura, Danav, Daitya, Rakshas, etc,

Hinduism is not a religion but a culture and a lifestyle. The soul of Bharat lies in its art, knowledge, people, and it’s heritage. Talking about art, every state in India is known for something or the other. Take the example of temples all over India, horn crafts in Odisha, monuments in Hampi, Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, and the list goes forever. Because in India, the culture is in its people and their lfestyle.

Let us know the origin of God and Evil from the records of Hinduism.

Origin of Hinduism

Lord Brahma created the first Prajapati to take care of people. He is known as Daksha who had many daughters and we primarily talk about Devi Diti and Devi Aditi. Both were married to Rishi Kashyap and had many children, who were taught by Lord Brahma himself about the importance of Mother Earth. Some of his students said they will do Raksha to Mother Earth, meaning they will protect it. Some others said they will do Yakshana, meaning worshipping Mother Earth. They were termed as Rakshaks and Yakshas by their oath.

The two groups were divided mentally as well as physically. The Devas (Yakshas) had always a partiality over Rakshaks and the eldest of Devi Aditi, Indra was the culprit who modified the name Rakshaks to Rakshas. This is because Indra hated them as he was jealous of Rakshaks who is more stronger and capable and better in all aspects compared to Yakshas.

Indian Cultural Dance - Hinduism

Gods enjoyed drinking Sura – a divine alcohol. As they don’t share it with their brothers Rakshaks, they were termed as Asura meaning who doesn’t drink Sura. Devatas were known as Adityas because they are born to Devi Aditi and Rakshaks are known as Daityas, sons of Devi Deiti. Danav is a dynasty created by King Mahigriva in Iron Age. King Mahigriva is tall, strong, and had features of Rakshasas. So his dynasty is counted as Danavas.

So, the projection of Rakshas wasn’t even accurate as always History praises the winner. The real truth is not what we are being shown. Daityas were shown with elongated canines, performing cannibalism, but in reality, they were good-looking and pure vegetarians with positive energy who is more strong, mature, and capable.

Sagarmadhan – An epic in Hindiusm

During the Sagarmadhan, Vasuki Nag was used as a rope and Gods finished it with the help of Daityas. But the cunning gods took the safe side of the snake’s tail and gave the snake’s face to Rakshas. The brave and innocent Rakshas handled the snake’s face while it was blowing fire and poison. In the Madhan, they were gems and nectar came out of the ocean but it was never shared with Rakshas. Gods took heaven as their abode and forced Rakshas into Paataal.

Gods always ill-treated Rakshas. They weren’t allowed to pursue their education and were never allowed to drink cow’s milk. They were left as untouchables. Rakshas having a brotherly feeling towards Gods were always compromising. Because of their innocent nature, they were always the victims.


Now we may question if evil isn’t bad then why so many obstacles in the journey towards the Almighty. The answer is, that the obstacles were the tests that the Almighty put in the journey to reach Him. Like. In order to extract the cream from milk, it needs to be boiled. Here reaching Him is the cream and boiling is the obstacles we face while we take the path towards Him.

So God and Evil aren’t portrayed well enough during the times. Bad and Good are equally needed in life and without the other, each loses its own existence.

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