5 amazing things happening outside your comfort zone

come outside of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is most challenging for us. When we have a cozy lifestyle, breaking the bubble and bursting out is the last thing that we would expect from ourselves.

I’ll say it right away: I’m a product of routine things. I appreciate regularity and predictability. It gives me comfort. As a result, I’m pleased to stay in my safety zone. I’d be content if I never had to leave my cozy little bubble.

But, sadly, that is not how life works. And, if you want to keep changing and improving, you must finally swallow your pride and attempt new things, even if they worry you.

More and more (especially as a business consultant), I’ve discovered the benefit of stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking on initiatives that make me nervous. While it hasn’t been simple for someone as addicted to regularity as me, it has been satisfying.

As a result, I’ve made it my job to inspire you as well! Because fantastic things may happen when you put yourself out there and attempt something, even if you don’t believe you’ll be good at it. What kinds of wonderful things? I’m pleased you inquired! I’ve gathered a couple of them right here.

5 amazing things that happen when you move outside of your comfort zone

You get new knowledge.

Let’s begin with the most apparent, shall we? Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to gain new talents and discover new interests. For example, when I initially set out as a freelance writer, I had zero confidence in client meetings. So, when a customer asked me to upload my own work for the first time, I was terrified. I had convinced myself, that I’d make a mistake and crash their entire project.

Fast forward to now, and I’m utilizing my talents for a number of my things. And, guess what? I’m getting fairly good at it now. I can easily close project meetings in minutes and even troubleshoot my own issues. That is something I would not be able to say if I had just turned down the chance because I was frightened. Furthermore, that competence makes me more marketable for future chances. It’s a win-win situation!

You enhance your skills in areas where you already excel.

This opportunity came as a surprise to me. Of course, I expected that moving outside of my comfort zone would teach me something new. But I never expected it to upgrade at things I was already good at.

Do you need an example? Consider SEO. The realm of search engine optimization was always a little frightening to me—it seemed like a hidden code I’d never be able to unlock. However, one of my clients requested that I optimize all of my own works before uploading them. So that’s the part about picking up new talent. Now? I use my SEO skills for my personal blog and other writing activities. Prior to this, I was doing well with my blog and writing. However, improving my SEO abilities assisted me in making those things even better.

You discover new passions and interests

“You never know unless you try,” as the old adage goes. That’s really accurate. We wouldn’t have any passions or hobbies if we were never eager to try something new. There is no way around having to attempt anything for the first time. You don’t emerge through the hatch with a wealth of information and expertise.

So, get outside of your comfort zone and attempt something you’ve always wanted to try. You could just find your new greatest passion! When I started writing, it was all about taking the work as a passion. I just started with a few writer’s essentials and everything was good to go.

You increase your self-esteem.

Doesn’t this sound a little paradoxical? After all, couldn’t attempting anything new be a blow to your ego, especially if you’re not particularly excellent at it?

Well, perhaps. But, I’m a great believer that being courageous enough to undertake something scary will always enhance your confidence. Even if you’re not the best at it, you know you’re the sort of person that is willing to put yourself out there and try new things. And that kind of desire and ambition is a necessary component for a confident person.

You give your best at it.

I won’t lie to you: it won’t always be a success story when you attempt anything new. You’ll come across stuff you don’t like. Some things will go wrong for you. You will become frustrated. You will be stressed. But, in the end, it’s a moot point. Because you may sleep well every night knowing that you gave your best at it that day. That is the peace of mind that only comes from trying things that worry you.

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So go forth, you go-getters! Step outside of your comfort zone and see where it leads. Speaking about passion and service, recently I had come across an interesting person Joycy Joshep, a beauty queen who has been serving special kids through her NGO. If your passion can make wonders, it can be a great inspiration.

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