Nicolas Tesla: Time Travel Secret

Nicolas Tesla

Tesla was able to travel through time, according to a series of released documents. He even stated that he could see “the past, present, and future. It’s all happening at the same moment.”

When studying the history of humanity, there are a number of documents that could be regarded evidence of time travel if researched carefully.

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Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, published in 1905, is an example of this. This concept caused a lot of controversy in the scientific world, and it raised a lot of issues, such as whether it’s possible to travel across time.

Theorist and writer Erich Von Däniken also suggested that the bible contains proof of temporal travel:

“In the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah sat with some of his associates, and among them was a young kid. “Get out of Jerusalem, there is a mountain, and collect some figs for us,” Jeremiah said Abimelech.

The youngster walked outside to get the fresh figs. Abimelech became unconscious after hearing a commotion and feeling the wind in the air, and he had a blackout. He awoke after a while and noticed that it was nearly nighttime.

As a result, when he returned, the city was overrun with alien soldiers. “What’s going on here?” he asks. “Where have Jeremiah and the others gone?” “That was 62 years ago,” an elderly man said.

time travel

This could reveal us how to solve the age-old paradox of time travel’s impossibility.

Photons were employed to simulate quantum particles travelling into the past by the researchers. The scientists discovered odd parts of current physics after examining their behaviour.

Nikola Tesla may have worked on time travel before modern science discovered a slight possibility for it.

According to the declassified reports discovered, Tesla would have made an astonishing discovery in the year 1985. Magnetic fields could alter time and space, according to his theory.

He undertook a series of tests based on this notion, which is said to be the foundation of the infamous Philadelphia Project.

Tesla is also thought to have found that by using magnetic fields and a “Trojan horse,” the space-time barrier might be manipulated. Although a different time might be visited, it is still unknown whether the creator was able to travel back in time.

The statement of a witness who discovered Tesla in 1895 is the only sure fact in the accounts to date. The inventor appeared anxious and irritated inside a small café.

When Tesla returned from a trip across time, his helper stated he was almost electrocuted by a contraption.

The inventor claimed to have discovered a whole new window in space-time, where he could simultaneously see the past, present, and future while inside the magnetic field he created.

Many doubters believe Tesla’s ability to travel across time is implausible. However, as science progresses, this possibility becomes increasingly apparent.

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