Tips to lose weight at home by ayurvedic methods

lose weight for a happy and healthy life

The busy life we live today costs our health bit by bit pushing us into the pit of diseases and unhealthy circumstances. The majority of the human population suffers from one or other health issues. In some cases, newborn babies take birth with some diseases. Research tells us that the human life span has far reduced by around 30-40% in the last century. One of the major health issues that humanity is facing is Obesity or overweight. There are many known reasons for it. No work-life balance, a weak digestive system, Hormonal imbalance, unhealthy food, accumulation of toxins, and lack of regular exercise and discipline can be a few reasons that can grab our attention in this article. Also, the remedies to lose weight (Obesity) will be shared using natural practices and exercises.

Presence of Toxins in the body

Our body weight increases all of a sudden due to the toxins present in our bodies. They don’t allow your body to lose weight. Some indications of the presence of toxins in your body are:

  • The body looks puffy when you wake up
  • Feeling dull and moody most times
  • Feeling weak and low energy

It is very crucial to lose these toxins from your body. One easy method to lose toxins is by practicing a 5-day Ayurvedic cleansing diet. The diet contains a soup that is prepared from rice, mung bean, and some spices. In ayurvedic terms, it is known as Khichdi. Also, drinking one glass of hot water before going to sleep is found to be useful in detoxifying the body quickly.

One example where our digestive system weakens without our knowledge is by drinking too much water while having food. We should never forget to stop taking water 30 min earlier and after 1 hour of our food intake. This method improves digestive health and helps the food to break down properly in the stomach. 

Cause of excessive fat in our bodies

There is always a relation between our body type and our weight. If our body undergoes exercise (mental and physical) and there is a steady energy flow, the edibles we eat break down quickly as there is always a need for more energy. But if the body takes rest and energy flow is too slow, then the food digestion process is disturbed and due to less requirement of energy, the additional supplements are saved as extra glucose which converts to fat eventually.

Ayurvedic tips to naturally lose weight

  1. The major reason for obesity is loss of balance in habits and the food we eat. When we are unable to fully utilize the energy that was generated from the food we eat through physical and mental actions, the fat levels increase in the body. So, to maintain a balance in the body, we need to allow ourselves to undergo some exercises and meditation.
  2. Many other methods are found helpful to lose weight. Massaging your body using sesame oil regularly has been said to have positive results. Just a few minutes of massage followed by a sauna or steam bath reduces the toxins and balances the body fat, which helps in maintaining the weight of your body.
  3. Diet control plays a major role in fighting obesity. Avoiding or minimizing the intake of oils, sweets, sour foods, salts, and dairy products (buttermilk is an exception) can greatly help in reducing body fat and stopping accumulating more.
less sugar in the food intake

Now, let us see what should be added to our diet list for good health. 

  1. For breakfast, taking fruits (not too many) is best for a great start.
  2. Drinking hot water, the entire day is good and is very energizing and refreshing.
  3. Have lukewarm water with a spoon full of honey (must not be less than one year old). [Note: Fresh honey inhibits weight increasing properties. Honey with hot water has some toxic features. Hence aged honey with lukewarm water is better for health.]
  4. Take food only when you’re really hungry.
  5. Lunch can be light followed by one or two cups of buttermilk.
  6. Dinner should always be light. For example, soup.

This way, one can be energetic and have a light and active body.

Therapy to lose weight easily

The following process was found useful for reducing body weight and burning fat. Some tips were collected by experienced people and yogic teachings.

  1. Exercise enough regularly to burn fat. 
  2. Pranayama helps in providing necessary oxygen to the body which in turn burns the fat.
  3. Sudarshan Kriya which is a combination of Pranayama and other breathing exercises helps as natural fat burners in your body
  4. Herbs like Triphala, Amrut, and Shilajit have been used for many medicinal benefits like reducing fat and detoxification. Using it regularly for two to three months can quickly treat obesity.
ayurvedic herbs for health

Final word

The process of weight loss and maintaining a healthy body isn’t a goal. It is a journey. In order to keep it a steady habit, one has to follow the three principles as a rulebook.

  • Taking a proper diet
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Herbal intake

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  • August 30, 2022