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Free blogging sites and their services have gone a long way in recent years. Making it simpler than ever to share a pastime with like-minded individuals, express your thoughts, and develop an online presence.

These free blogging sites cater to amateur bloggers; blogs are created and managed online and are housed on the blogging platform’s servers. The downloaded version of WordPress is a good alternative for creating a self-hosted blog. As it offers complete freedom, compatibility for third-party plugins, and as much storage as your hosting plan allows.

Look at our top-listed free website builders if you want to create a website rather than an online blog.

If at all possible, avoid free blogging platforms, as they aren’t usually the best option for the majority of people. If you insist on going forward, we’ve compiled a list of the top blogging sites available.

Top Blogging Sites over the Internet


Wix offers a variety of premium membership options as well as a free one. However, it’s important to understand that this comes with certain limitations. Your blogging sites will have Wix branding. And you’ll be restricted to 500MB of data transfer per month with the free subscription, so it’s not ideal for high-traffic sites. Also, keep in mind that you only receive 500MB of storage.

wix blogging sites

Aside from those restrictions, you may create any number of pages for your blog. And Wix’s amazing blog capabilities are where it shines. Although the editor is basic, you have access to everything you need. From image galleries to videos and music – and there are several options to modify a post.

There’s also a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling posts, as well as handy features like the ability to post instantly sent to Facebook. For example, Wix Bookings is a tool that allows consumers to schedule appointments and lessons directly on your website.

Besides blog support, Wix is genuinely attractive in the rest of what this website builder has to offer. This includes Wix’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) editor, which builds something instantly by collecting some basic information about the website. With this, it will quickly construct something similar for you. Of course, for newcomers, this is an impressive feature.

There’s also diverse support for many sorts of media, and excellent customer service. The Wix Turbo function is now available, which significantly improves the speed and performance of blogging sites.

The bandwidth and data constraints don’t seem like such a burden when you consider what you’re getting for free. If you wish to break free from them in the long term, you may always upgrade at a later time.

Try the features: wix


WordPress is a fantastic platform for blogging sites of any size and bloggers of all levels of expertise. It’s powerful and very configurable.

Choosing a name and an appropriate theme for your first blog is simple thanks to a simple wizard that walks you through the process. You may leave it there and start writing articles right away, but the more complex editor is where the real fun is since it allows you to personalize practically every element of your blog’s layout.

wordpress blogging sites

WordPress, unlike some other blogging platforms, isn’t a drag-and-drop affair, so you’ll have to get used to its menu structure. However, it is definitely worth the effort, since it allows you to design something completely unique. You may also use the editor to construct static pages, such as a writer’s biography.

The interface for post-writing is similar to that of a standard desktop word processor (though some options are presented in a toolbar at the top, while others are in a menu at the side, which can be a little confusing at first). Advanced features like configurable social media sharing buttons, geotagging, and the option to choose a custom layout for individual posts reward effort invested in getting to know the interface.

You could wish to make a photo gallery at times, while at other times, a more text-oriented design might be more appropriate. The HTML source may also be seen and edited making the blogging sites more flexible to changes.

WordPress allows you to watch your blog’s data over time, including page views, visitors, likes, and comments. You can also see how visitors arrived at your site, what material they visited, and where they are in the globe, all of which is helpful in tailoring your content to their needs.

With an address in the type, your site is hosted on WordPress servers. The free service doesn’t include email or live chat assistance, but the WordPress community forums are quite busy, and issues are frequently handled within minutes. Additionally, privacy protection for domains is free.

WordPress uses advertisements on free blogging sites, but if you can live with it, it’s a fantastic free blogging platform.

Try the features: WordPress


Another excellent blogging tool is Blogger. It isn’t nearly as strong as WordPress, but it is more user-friendly for newcomers, which comes as no surprise given that it is owned by Google.

Blogger has a great range of designs, many of which include mobile versions suited for smaller displays — a particularly useful feature given how many people nowadays consume internet material via smartphones. Blogger is also mobile-friendly.


Blogger’s post-editing tool is similar to WordPress’s, but with fewer features. As a result, its toolbars are easier to understand — a compromise between power and usability.

Blogger’s connectivity with other Google apps and services is one of its strongest features. It, for example, stores photographs and other content for your blogging sites in your Google Drive account. Blogger is a wonderful choice if you want to post a lot of high-resolution images because Google Drive provides you with 15GB of free storage.

Spam comments are a common occurrence on blogs, therefore Blogger’s built-in spam filter can save your sanity. Blogger’s dashboard, which also displays visitor statistics, allows you to keep track of comments. There are some useful visualizations here, including a globe map that shows your readers’ geographic distribution.

Your blog will have a URL in the pattern, and it will have advertising, much like all Google services. The Blogger user forum, which is quite active but has a peculiar structure that might be off-putting, is a good place to go for help.

In every other way, if you value simplicity over versatility then Blogger is fantastic – in summary, it’s one of the greatest free blogging platforms, especially if you’re a lover of the Google ecosystem.

Try its features: Blogger

Weebly – Free and Paid Blogging sites

Weebly provides a modular approach to blog creation, with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to pick which pieces to include and where on your site.

Choose a basic design and then add other sorts of material to the website, such as social network links, text, photographs, maps, and code sections. Weebly is a delightfully straightforward way to create a blog that feels personal to you without having to fiddle with menus.


It’s worth noting, though, that some content blocks may only be placed in specific regions; it’s not a complete free-for-all. This makes sense – keeping you inside the constraints of your selected template keeps the website from seeming cluttered – but you may find it restricting.

The same method is used to create blog posts: drag text boxes, photo frames, buttons, and page breaks into place. Then click to change them. The secret draught link,’ which allows you to preview your unpublished article and even share it with others through email before releasing it into the open, is a very useful tool.

Weebly also provides several other cool features, such as pasting in Google Analytics tracking code.

Because only allowed 500MB of uploaded content, photographers should go elsewhere. Weebly places an ad at the footer of your site, but it doesn’t cover any of your content.

Try its features: Weebly

Once you have chosen one suitable platform for your blog. Just have a look at this cheap hosting service to host your blog/website.

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