Ayurvedic oils for massaging at home

3 essential ayurvedic oils for massage

Ayurveda is all about maintaining a healthy body and mind. Yoga, meditation, water, sounds, oils, roots, leaves, and fruits as various parts of Ayurveda for obtaining a healthy body and mind. Today let us know the benefit of using essential ayurvedic oils for our health. Oil massage at home helps manage weight, achieve clear skin, sleep better and de-stress. Especially sesame oil is highly beneficial in relaxing the body. Coconut oil and Olive oil can help cool the body.

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Let’s read more about three essential oils and their effect on our skin and body.

Sandalwood Oil to emotional health

Ayurveda understood the benefits of sandalwood oil long before modern scientists calculated its usage. Sandalwood oil is mostly used in manufacturing perfumes but in Ayurveda, the doctors knew that this oil is a stress reliever, and it calms the mind better than any other known medicine. It also has some soothing effects on physical and mental health. 

Sandalwood oil is believed to have the potential in regulating nervous and reproductive systems. With no side effects, it works effectively on plasma, circulatory and muscular systems as well as on marrows.

In brief, the medicinal benefits of Sandalwood oil include:

  • It cools the brain and calms the mind. It behaves as a perfect meditating tool.
  • It reduces inflammation, and pain and works on respiratory and digestive problems.
  • It also has some cosmetic benefits like repairing, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin and hair.

Rosemary oil – Ayurvedic oils for upliftment

For any memory-related issues, in Ayurveda, rosemary oil is touted as the ultimate medicinal oil. It enhances memory and acts as an anti-depressant agent. In the olden days, bad breath, headaches, insect stings, and upset stomachs were treated with rosemary oil. 

Rosemary oil is one of the most essential oils that one must always store in their medicine cabinet. Primary benefits include:

  • It acts as an immunity booster and tonic for healthy skin and hair
  • It improves memory and acts as a catalyst in cognitive performance.
  • Rosemary oil has a stimulating property that works greatly on depression, fear, fatigue, and anxiety.
  • It improves the ability to fight stress-related disorders.

Patchouli oil for relaxation and stress

Patchouli oil is very effective in reducing nervous tension, stress, and anxiety. Its anti-depressant properties make it a booster for calming and relaxing while boosting creativity. Lesser-known benefits of Patchouli oil are its capability in stimulating appetite and digestion, improving metabolism, and regulating enzyme and hormone growth in the body. All of these add up to the Patchouli oil’s relaxing characteristic feature as one of the best ayurvedic oils for treatment of various.

There are other medicinal values to the oil which include

  • Antibacterial properties help ward away allergies and skin infections if used regularly.
  • It boosts mental abilities and diffuses jealousy and insecurity feelings.
  • It helps in overcoming depression by uplifting the mind.

Note: Treated or cured massage oils are the best to remove toxins. The process of curing involves heating the oil and boiling it to remove the heat and cold from it. Then store this kind of cured or treated ayurvedic oils in an airtight bag or container.

A word about the Ayurvedic Oils

Never force yourself to undergo any medication or treatment until your body wants it. Meditate and talk to yourself before deciding on any change. Surya Namaskars, good food with less oil and more greens helps the body relieve most of the disorders. Adding some more relaxation techniques like music therapy, ayurvedic oil massages and yoga can help you stay healthy and fit.

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  • September 1, 2022