About Me

Hello, I’m Sarath, a passionate writer who finds solace in the world of words. I have an insatiable love for reading, where each book becomes a portal to new adventures and emotions. Rainy days are my favorite, as I relish in the simple pleasure of walking in the rain, finding beauty in the ordinary.

My life is brightened by the presence of my 4-year-old daughter, who brings joy and wonder to each day. Poetry is my sanctuary, where verses become the wings that lift my spirit. Whenever memories and emotions weigh me down, I turn to the power of words, letting them flow freely from my pen to set my heart free.

Welcome to my world of words. I’m incredibly proud to introduce you to my debut book, ‘Waves of Heart.’ Each poem within these pages is a precious moment from my lifeā€”an embodiment of thoughts I pondered, emotions I lived, and dreams I held close. With each verse, I hope to share not just my words but pieces of my soul.

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