A Lover's Pen

Beyond the eyes, my life barge into the dark. . .
Into the land, as the twilight dragnet the sight.
A dim season in the vague sprang upon. . .
The world is not enough to hold that.
The replica laughs at my crazy mind,
Dances as I move my branches,
The plane is the edge of my pavement
Still, at my ken, penetrates the ME.
O GOD! What a green innocence!?
The touch of myself crams me
Fearing of me, above all faith,
Lays the only caring heart, aloft my deeds.
The bleach passes empty into the plane
Looking as myself, the mien still laughs
“Myself, it’s the trace made me”,
Look at you, mouth your heart.
Unleash the dole and grief
Into the disguised world. Who cares if?
Nothing to worry, myself. Your pains,
Are the secrets, always safe with me!
The world is filled with routine laughs and greets.
Senses of natural deeds are the memories of my past.
The only person who greets you true is only YOU.
Rest of the world is aerial. . . Filled with a fake smile.

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