A Lover's Pen

No desire for your beauty,
But always was starving for
A Kingdom in your Heart.
Maybe now, I found it
Deep inside; hidden, unseen.
Like the glow of a New Moon.
Steaming all my blood in the veins,
Sucking the life, out of my heart,
Drowning in the ocean of Love;
Unknown tides rise up and fall down,
Unnamed forces tear me apart,
Like currents running into water
Deep inside, I can taste the Love.
The Love, I was always thirst for;
The Love, You always hide from me;
The Love, you’re unaware of having with you;
The Love, which was forbidden from giving;
Into the depth of dark mysteries,
I travel long long and long away;
Holding on, to my memories in the basket;
The carrier, for all collections of thoughts.
The memories were only from you;
As a gift, for a child,
You presented with your presence in me.
Those thoughts can never be restored,
And were only left inside the dark
Patches of smile over my Broken Heart.

This is a poem, of Love.
A love, being dead for insane;
A lover, killed in the most brutal way;
A lover, hidden of being loved
In all the best forms of,
The world’s best thing;

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