A Lover's Pen

It’s the darkest night, that ever i had remembered,
You left me there; In-front of the ocean of tears;
Even i feel the sky, sharing my pain.
It weeps and the salt of the tears touch my lips.
In the night, that is ruling the moon, a
Great Fight in my Heart, to struggle the truth
I’m no more Yours; My Girl. . .

You share the bright, from the moon
Dazzling like the sun to my eyes.
The angel wishes to be you,
Might, they resemble you.
The greatest gift i had ever had
You ruined my isolated world and still
I’m no more Yours; My Girl. . .

You showed the heaven, where you lived,
At a glance, you flew off.
Apart from my drowsy eyes,
You made the day, a glorious one.
Your army lead, this single man
To be the King, with you beside and now
I’m no more Yours; My Girl. . .

You left me there, you remember!
It was cold, as your touch,
It was terrific, as you farewell,
It was dark, as you were absent,
It was storming, as i cry,
It was alone, as. . .
I’m no more Yours; My Girl. . .

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