A Lover's Pen

It’s the best twilight within my past.
Birds turning off to their homes,
I was into bask of the Evening,
To my tired lids, twinklings splashed
Before me in the form of a Damsel.

Her eyes were blue like the sky.
Missing balance in her innocent looks,
Over the free air, I felt her dancing hair.
The red dimpled cheeks hidden into shy
Lips bitten by tooth, to show her remorse face.

“Had the moon disguised as this pretty one?”
Revolved, the answer, that I couldn’t find!!!

A sudden tone out of her pouty lips;
Meant to be there for me, as the LOVE.

Cracked into joy, she showed off and turned back.
Confused to her, what’s my Answer?
Mind and body assimilation failed!!
After a battle within, I screwed up
My mind and just defended,

“I was already in a Serious Relationship With. . .”

She left letting me not to finish my words. . .


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